​What is carbon crystal plate? Is carbon crystal plate environmentally friendly?


What are the carbon crystal panels that are popular in the decoration market recently? Some people say it's density board, some people say it's bamboo plywood, but it's actually neither. The carbon crystal board mentioned in the market today is actually a type of wood-plastic board. It is an extruded profile made of bamboo charcoal powder, calcium powder, and PVC extruded at high temperature, because the upper and lower sides are hard co-extruded layers. , the hardness is relatively good, so some people began to call it carbon crystal plate. It can be seen from the raw materials and production process that there is no glue in the production process of carbon crystal plates. Therefore, it is wrong to say that carbon crystal plates are bonded with glue.

What are the advantages of carbon crystal plates?

1. Waterproof and flame retardant

Good moisture-proof performance, better suitable for humid areas, water vapor and moisture are difficult to enter, the indoor is dry and comfortable, and it does not seep or leak, allowing you to completely get rid of the trouble caused by wall mildew. Fire protection grade reaches B1 level

2. Green and environmentally friendly

The raw materials used on the surface of this product are all environmentally friendly materials. The installed room is environmentally friendly and odorless. If the room is decorated as a whole, there is no need for painting. This eliminates the time required for decoration materials and the smell of paint. It can be installed today and you can move in tomorrow, which greatly saves time.

3. Easy to scrub without deformation

The surface is treated with foreign advanced technology, which is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also easier to clean and hygienic. It can be scrubbed directly with water without bubbling or deformation, making your life easier and completely solving the problem of difficult scrubbing of decoration products.

4. High stability. Wood plastic veneer avoids the deformation and cracking problems that often occur with solid wood.

5. Save wood resources. The wooden veneer panel makes full use of wood resources, using plywood and thin wood veneer, which reduces production costs and is extremely cost-effective.

6. Simple installation operation

Intelligent module assembly, fast construction, short construction period, system integration, and traditional professional operation

7. Personalized style of decoration

Thousands of high-end design templates, customized according to needs, the preview effect is the decoration effect

8. Affordable decorative effect

High quality, low cost, never cracking, blistering, or peeling, tens of thousands of dollars can produce hundreds of thousands of effects

9. Wide application space

The colors are fashionable and bright, the textures are rich in changes, and the shapes are creative. They are widely used in homes, hotels, office buildings, bars and other places.

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